The Ugliest Clothing

Guns & Butter - Eye Mask


"In the Dunya, it's Guns & Butter, they invested in Guns and then they rob all the Butter.."

The Ugliest's emblematic concept follows a well crafted militant piece conveying, effortlessly the Guns & Butter polyester eye mask in it’s subtle approach. 
Reaching for next levels of complexity and redefining the characteristics of the Genius.

-Decorated with a gun and a vibrantly blue butterfly placed on the top edge end of the pistol

-Sewn borders and black piping to

- Elasticated Band for comfortable one size fits all.

-Puffy extra layer filler maximising ultra soft feel 

-Cotton Polyester Blend Material

-Wipe clean

 -Providing a touch of elegant style to any deserved power nap.


‘So even as you sleep, you’re not with out your piece..’ Security

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